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There are many benefits hardwood flooring can bring to a room. This flooring adds an indisputable amount of beauty and comfort that no other type of flooring can provide. The ease of maintaining these floors and the return in value that they offer cannot be compared with any other type of flooring out there. As a reputable flooring installation and care company located in the Austin, TX area,  Daryl’s Hardwood Floors has a wide selection of hardwood floors that you can choose from. We have over 34 years of experience in this service industry which allows us to provide each of our clients with the very best possible flooring products and services available.

Flooring designs for your home!At Daryl’s Hardwood Floors, we have some of the most skilled and experienced flooring contractors on our staff. Many of these experts have specialized hardwood contractor training to allow them to provide our customers with services which are second to none. Our company has one of the largest selections of hardwood floor options that you can choose from. The hardwood floor options available with us, include: maple, walnut, ash, as well as oak, and our flooring contractors will help you find the option that will best suit your needs.

The hardwood contractors available through  Daryl’s Hardwood Floors can provide you with the knowledge for all flooring types that we carry. They can offer helpful information concerning the density of the wood, the hardness ratings for the wood, and the structural stability that each hardwood floor style will offer for your specific needs. These factors will allow you to make the most informed decision on the wood style you wish to have installed throughout your home. You will have the knowledge concerning the resistance to mold that each flooring option offers, the level of resistance to scratches and gouging that the flooring offers, and how the various types of wood will expand or shrink based on the area in which it is installed.

Top quality flooring servicesBesides the beauty and comfort that hardwood floors have to offer, people will find that these styles of flooring allow them to experience a more thorough level of cleanliness within the rooms where they are placed. For these reasons, people who are designing nurseries, have family members who experience allergies, or who do not have a great deal of time to dedicate to cleaning practices find these floors to be especially beneficial when incorporated into their home design. We offer quality wood floor refinishing services in Austin, TX.

If you are interested in learning more about how hardwood flooring can help you experience all that your home has to offer, we encourage you to contact us at (512) 845-4142. We always offer you the option to have your flooring questions, concerns, or inquiries answered by our staff of professional flooring contractors. We can make arrangements for your own personal appointment with one of these experts so you can see all of the flooring options available and the many benefits they have to offer.

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by Monica Delgado on Daryl's Hardwood Floors

My husband and I just made the biggest investment in our life. Although the house looked amazing on the outside with the patio and swimming pool, the floors needed a bit of work on the inside. So we went online and started searching for a reliable wood floor refinishing service and found you. Thank you for doing a swift job on time.

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