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Are you looking for a professional hardwood flooring service because you want to improve the appearance of your floor? Perhaps you want to repair and restore it promptly? Either way, Daryl's Hardwood Floors is the company you should choose for the task. We are conveniently based in Austin, TX, and we can provide you with the following services:

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood is an excellent choice for flooring. There are a lot of woods to choose from that can add to the visual appeal to a room. They also need less cleaning and are incredibly durable. To make the most of your hardwood, you should have it installed by an expert. There are a lot of things that must be considered when installing hardwood. Foot traffic, condition of sub-flooring, pets should all be taken into consideration. The experience and skill of an expert will make the job easy. With us, you can also rest assured that each plank is installed correctly. We know how the wood would contract and expand, so we will make sure that you will not encounter any issues with your hardwood floors in the future. We use only high-quality tools and equipment for a precise and quick installation job.

Floor Refinishing Service

Floor Refinishing Service

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When you hire our company for a professional hardwood floor refinishing service, you can always feel confident that you turn to experts that know how to achieve a high-end and professional finish in every project we complete. No matter the species of wood or the style of your floor, our professional assistance will transform it into something beautiful. Whether we are restoring the wooden flooring in your commercial or residential premises, we guarantee that we will do an excellent job.

Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood floors are a popular choice for floors for many areas throughout a commercial or residential property. When you want to repair your floor in a timely and effective manner, hire us. We will do it most professionally and effectively.

Are you looking for a professional and reputable hardwood refinishing service provider in Austin, TX? Daryl's Hardwood Floors is the company you should choose. Pick up the phone and contact us at (512) 845-4142 today!

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